CBG’s Top Tips: #1 – Use two (or more) shoot keys!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

This is a trick I didn’t realise for quite some time, but it can be helpful.
Whether you use your mouse button or a key to fire, you can also set another key as a fire key. This means you can fire shots incredibly close together.

If you just want to use your mouse button and one other key, then when you are in-game, go to:
Options > Input Settings > Change Key Mapping
Highlight “Fire Shot”, hit enter, then press the key you want to use and hit enter again. Now it should say something like “Left Mouse Button or X”, for example.
If you already use a key and want to use another, repeat the steps above.
This time it should say something like “X or Y”.

To add more than one extra key, you need to open your bzflag config file.
On windows, this file is located at: My Documents\My BZFlag Files\2.0\config.cfg.
On mac os, this file is located at: User/Library/Application Support/BZFlag/2.0/config.cfg.
On linux, this file is located at: ~/.bzf/2.0/config.cfg.

Now, you need to first quit bzflag, then open the file in a simple text editor of your choice and find the line that says:
“bind X down fire” (but substitute “X” for whatever character you set in the in-game options…).
Duplicate this line and change the “X” to any other sensible character.
Save the file, open bzflag and test it.
This should work with any “normal” character.
In theory, you can have as many shoot keys as you like.

The process can also be repeated for jump keys, radar, keys and so on.


2 Responses to “CBG’s Top Tips: #1 – Use two (or more) shoot keys!”

  1. sussi said

    multi shoot are easily done by using mouse scroll for firing.

  2. gilly said

    A good thing to point this out, CBG. I recognized this myself when I needed it (I’m used to editing config files by hand when I have to do something *grin*)

    About shooting:
    – as sussi pointed out, the wheel is an usable option to shoot multiple bullets in a group.
    – for ducati I prefer setting my left and right buttons to shoot, however. (I didn’t get used to the wheel so well, but in pb I still use it sometimes.)
    – so.. now I have all the mouse buttons except the third one to shoot. The third button is for dropping the flag. The only thing I miss from the usual setup is that I have to lock GMs with ‘i’ but that isn’t a problem for me because I hardly play at servers with GMs. 🙂

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