Tips: Beginner Tips #2

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome back! Today we’ll be talking about driving around, shooting, and using flags.


You can use your mouse or the arrow keys to move around. Use the <Tab> key to jump.

Using the Mouse

In the HUD you can see two squares: one big and one small. If you move your mouse pointer out of the small box, your tank will start to move. If you move your mouse pointer further from the box, your tank will move faster. To move full speed, place your mouse pointer as far away from the small box as possible. This rule applies for going all directions. To move forward, place your mouse pointer to the top of the screen. To go backwards, place your mouse pointer to the bottom of your screen. To turn left, move your mouse pointer left. To turn right, move your mouse pointer right. You can turn and move forward/backward at the same time (like you can with a car).

Using the Keyboard

To move your tank using the keyboard, use the arrow keys. <Up Arrow> moves you forward. <Down Arrow> moves you backward. Press <Left Arrow> to move left and press <Right Arrow> to move right.


To jump use the <Tab> key. If you jump and move at the same time, you will jump towards the direction you were moving. Jumping is good for getting on buildings and dodging some bullets but makes you more vulnerable.


To shoot, press <Enter> or click the left mouse button. To shoot a GM (discussed later), lock on to your enemy using <I> or the right mouse button and shoot normally. There are tactics for shooting bullets. Look for them under “Help: Tactics and Playstyles” in the BZFlag Forums. The most common tactic is to shoot in a stream of bullets.


Flags are things that give your tank new features while holding them. See the description for the flag that you hold by pressing <F>. To pick up a flag, run over it with your tank. To drop your flag, press <Space> or click your middle mouse button. You cannot drop bad flags unless the flag times out or you pick up an antidote flag.

Special Notices for Special Flags

Laser- Infinite range (not really) but long reloading time (about 5 seconds)

GM- Try locking on first, then shoot

Phantom Zone- PZ bullets can’t kill other tanks except for other PZ tanks. Other tanks can’t kill you unless they have Super Bullet, Shock Wave, or Phantom Zone

Genocide- Kills all tanks of the same color you shoot, but can’t kill all rouges; Careful not to hit teammates (disastrous)

Rapid Fire- Reloads faster but have short ranges

Machine Gun- Reloads the fastest but has super short range

Burrow- Careful while using this flag: You can get squashed by other flags

Flag shot limits- Some servers have limits on how many shots you can shoot while holding the flag. When you meet that limit, the flag will automatically drop.

That ends today’s Beginner Tips. Have fun!


3 Responses to “Tips: Beginner Tips #2”

  1. Tanner said

    In Genocide, it would probaly be better to say that it kills all tanks of the same team (since rogue isn’t really a team and defaultly isn’t affected by genocide).

  2. Legolas_ said

    True. But there is a plugin called ‘Rogue Genocide’. In this case Genocide can also affect rogues. Meaning, if you shoot a rogue, all rogues die. The server then gives out a message ‘You were a victim of Rogue Genocide’. This message can be changed however. The normal goes for all other team colors, you shoot an opponent and his whole team blows up and you get the points. If you kill a teammate, you loose all those points and most likely get kicked for team killing. (autoteamkill-kick). Im not sure what happens on a Rabbit Chase server. Im pretty sure that if you kill a hunter while you are a rabbit you get all the points. Im not sure if you kill a teammate if it affects you or not. (it probably is the same.)

  3. CUPCAKE said

    Also, genocide team killing is not fun. You’ll make a lot of people angry!

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