Tips: Beginner Tips #3

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here’s Beginner Tips #3. We’re going to talk about jumping today.


To jump, press the <Tab> key. Jumping is used to get on a building, dodge bullets, and for anything where you have to get higher

About Dodging Bullets

It’s usually not a great idea to dodge bullets with jumping, reason being that if the shooter has WG, you’ll get shoot and have no chance of dodging. Also, players sometimes waits to stay where they are and shoot you when you get down. To practice not jumping, go to a pillbox or a Ducati server.

Special Platforms

Some special platforms will make you bounce when you drive on it. It will bounce you in the direction that you are driving. If you somehow stay still on the pad you will be bounced straightly upwards. Different bounce pads has different bounce height, so some pads might bounce you high and some might bounce you not so high. (Perfect example: BZFlag Amusement Land)

More Special Platforms

Some platforms will allow you to jump right through it. (Good example: BZFX: Boxy War) To do so, position your tank under the platform, and jump. These platforms are sometimes provided to reach high locations.

Using Jumping to Your Advantage

Here’s one of the most common trick: Jump and shoot. What you do is to find a victim tank that is on a reachable building, and then jump, and shoot when you get to the level about where the victim is on. This’ll usually give that person quite a shock and it is very hard to dodge. To dodge this trick, look at the radar closely and watch for sudden movements, or get on to a higher building.

That’s it for now. Tune in later for another interesting Beginner Tip!


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