Beginner Tips #4: What I see beginners do…

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, here it is Beginner Tips #4. I now talk about something that beginners do to an excess.

More CL and L

Let’s think about this again. As I said in my Secrets #1, you can’t shoot CL with L. It just simply makes logical sense. Another way to express the relationship between L and CL is that you can call CL “Cancel Laser”. And, special note to el_nene, no, you’re not cheating when you’ve got L and you’re just shooting right through CL. It’s just the design of the game.

Tab and Wings

Special note that you shouldn’t hold <Tab> when carrying Wings. It’s a bad practice. Remember that the keyboard is still repeating the <Tab> key when you hold it; BZFlag just ignores the extra <Tab> without Wings because you simply can’t have multiple jumps. But with Wings, you do have multiple jumps (on most servers, at least). Holding <Tab> will tell the computer that many times you want to jump. So, if you have only 3 jumps (like on Constitution’s Tunnels), you’ll waste a jump because it was overlapped with the other jumps.

Stop Jumping!

Yes, stop jumping. Dodge instead. Watch some of the GU players. They try to dodge the bullets instead of jumping. Jumping to dodge bullets makes you weaker. The enemy can simply sit there and wait for you to fall. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and dodge a few bullets before jumping again, but you can’t jump forever. So unless it’s a really bad emergency, don’t make jumping your first instinct. If you really want to jump, strategically put a spin on your tank and shoot the enemy from behind.