I’m Back!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hi everyone. As you probably noticed I’ve been away from BZFlag for a few weeks. During that time I’ve been exploring some other games like Blasterball 2: Holidays (Awesome). Well, now I’m getting back to BZFlag and I’m going to write something in BZJournal. So stay tuned, and visit often for new things!


Hello Webland!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Hi, I’m the latest BZJournalist! I hope to be working alongside GMMan and hopefully others to bring you a rich digest of the latest BZFlag news, tips, servers, ideas, maps and almost anything BZ-related.

I will be bringing you all the latest in the way of new maps and servers, as well as tips on mapmaking and all the exiting development in new game styles and plugins.

Spazzy McGee

First note

Saturday, August 5, 2006

All right, people. I was checking out some documentations from WordPress and found that I can’t easily put posts into pages. Unless I group topics into one page (like Tactics >> Laser), I can’t post in there without editing the page over and aver and adding until there’s a big long list. I guess I’ll just stick with single posts…

Oh, right! Comment on this idea, please. And watch for an amusing BZFlag event or a tip soon.

Welcome to BZJournal!

Friday, August 4, 2006

Welcome people, to the newest fan site of BZFlag: BZJournal! In BZJournal I’ll write my daily amusing BZFlag event, server reviews, and other opinions. You’re welcome to post replies to any of my post, but please, remember, no spam! All right. That’s enough of an introduction. Now let’s get rolling!

P.S. Do report of spelling mistakes. Just post it as a reply.