Tips: Secrets!! #1

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Welcome to Secrets!! #1! Here we’ll talk about things that you don’t know.

GM Dodging

Never do the following:

  1. Do the back-and-forth trick with GMs: I know this trick works with normal bullets, but not GMs. Use your time wisely and save yourself by going full speed to the nearest solid building.
  2. Jump when you are about to get hit by the GM: It doesn’t do anything. Period. Save your energy.

Shooting Yourself

Yes, it’s possible to shoot yourself with a GM: A reflecting teleporter or one of those auto-moving-strip-thingy. The teleporter: of course, if you’re near it, you’re gonna shoot yourself. If you’re on those strip thingies, you shoot a GM, move forward at full speed, and you’ll catch up to the GM. Then you’ll get hit by it. Then you’ll get a message “Shot myself”.

What does the strip and the GM mean? You can outrun a GM when you move at full speed on a moving strip.

Zoned bullets: Same thing as GM: Teleporter and strip thingy.

L and CL Don’t Mix

You can’t kill a CL with L. Think about it. It makes sense. L is a light. CL is a clear, invisible tank. Lights go through invisible things and doesn’t make an effect on them.

See a Miniature You on the Radar

If you zoom in close enough on the radar, you’ll see a miniature picture of yourself. Press <1>, and hold <4> until you can go no more. drive around. It’s cool. It is not recommended when you’re driving in a busy server.

Zoom with Your Mouse

You can zoom in and out the radar and the HUD. To zoom in and out the radar, hold <Shift> and scroll your mouse down and up, respectively. To zoom in and out the HUD, hold <Control> and scroll your mouse down and up, respectively. To zoom in to the max on the HUD, press <B> (for Binoculars).

I have loads of other secrets waiting for you. But am I going to tell you them right now? No way! Stay tuned for Secrets!! #2!