This is a trick I didn’t realise for quite some time, but it can be helpful.
Whether you use your mouse button or a key to fire, you can also set another key as a fire key. This means you can fire shots incredibly close together.

If you just want to use your mouse button and one other key, then when you are in-game, go to:
Options > Input Settings > Change Key Mapping
Highlight “Fire Shot”, hit enter, then press the key you want to use and hit enter again. Now it should say something like “Left Mouse Button or X”, for example.
If you already use a key and want to use another, repeat the steps above.
This time it should say something like “X or Y”.

To add more than one extra key, you need to open your bzflag config file.
On windows, this file is located at: My Documents\My BZFlag Files\2.0\config.cfg.
On mac os, this file is located at: User/Library/Application Support/BZFlag/2.0/config.cfg.
On linux, this file is located at: ~/.bzf/2.0/config.cfg.

Now, you need to first quit bzflag, then open the file in a simple text editor of your choice and find the line that says:
“bind X down fire” (but substitute “X” for whatever character you set in the in-game options…).
Duplicate this line and change the “X” to any other sensible character.
Save the file, open bzflag and test it.
This should work with any “normal” character.
In theory, you can have as many shoot keys as you like.

The process can also be repeated for jump keys, radar, keys and so on.


Maps: Play Styles #2

Monday, August 7, 2006

This is a series of posts that give some general pointers for designing maps for different play styles.

For a standard CTF map the most important rule is what is known as “CTF Balance”. It needs to be equally easy for both teams to get the opponent’s flag. This can obviously be solved by simple symmetry, but other more ingenious mappers have made maps with perfect CTF balance without total symmetry. One prime example of this is the popular map “Babel”. If you can get a good balance, then you can go on to think about building distribution in a similar way to FFA. More on that in the next post.

Tips: Beginner Tips #1

Monday, August 7, 2006


This is Beginner Tips: the tips for people jumping aboard BZFlag. Here you will find a few tips to help you across the learning curve.

Getting BZFlag

Go to Select your operating system. If Linux, click on bzflag source. Then, select the program version you want. Select the mirror closest to you. Save the download somewhere easy to find (home folder or desktop). After that, for Windows, double click on the setup file. In Linux, unzip and follow the instructions in the readme in the folder, or in Mac OS X, simply drag the BZFlag icon from the disk image into the Applications folder. Read the rest of this entry »

Maps: Play Styles #1

Monday, August 7, 2006

There are three main types of maps, Capture The Flag (CTF), Free For All (FFA) and Rabbit Hunt or Chase (RH/C). Each has a different set of rules that need to be followed (generally) to create a map well suited to that style of play. With a bit of thought you can create a map that encompasses more than one style.

Of course, these aren’t strict rules that you need to follow, they are simply guidelines as to what most mappers feel makes a map most playable, and, in short, playability is what the best maps have. The .bzw platform is incredibly versatile, yet incredibly simple at the same time. With a bit of imagination and a text editor, some map makers have taken maps to places that they have never been taken before.

The next three posts in this series will demonstrate the main map rule for each play style. Next Time: CTF

Tips: GM Tips #1

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Getting your GMs

Note: All tips are for A Meteorite’s Boxy War

GM’s are located on a ledge in front of your fort. You have to jump on to the ledge to grab a GM. There isn’t a transporter or a fall-through hole to the GM’s. In fact, Boxy War doesn’t even have transporters or fall-through holes (you know that, don’t you?). The easiest way to get a GM is to exit your fort, turn towards the ledge, move forward at highest speed for 1.5 seconds, and jump. To get another GM, go back to your fort, stand in front of the exit, and repeat above instructions. Have fun!

Hello Webland!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Hi, I’m the latest BZJournalist! I hope to be working alongside GMMan and hopefully others to bring you a rich digest of the latest BZFlag news, tips, servers, ideas, maps and almost anything BZ-related.

I will be bringing you all the latest in the way of new maps and servers, as well as tips on mapmaking and all the exiting development in new game styles and plugins.

Spazzy McGee

First note

Saturday, August 5, 2006

All right, people. I was checking out some documentations from WordPress and found that I can’t easily put posts into pages. Unless I group topics into one page (like Tactics >> Laser), I can’t post in there without editing the page over and aver and adding until there’s a big long list. I guess I’ll just stick with single posts…

Oh, right! Comment on this idea, please. And watch for an amusing BZFlag event or a tip soon.

Welcome to BZJournal!

Friday, August 4, 2006

Welcome people, to the newest fan site of BZFlag: BZJournal! In BZJournal I’ll write my daily amusing BZFlag event, server reviews, and other opinions. You’re welcome to post replies to any of my post, but please, remember, no spam! All right. That’s enough of an introduction. Now let’s get rolling!

P.S. Do report of spelling mistakes. Just post it as a reply.